TRAPPN#81: Tuomas Toivonen

by jssckr

Tuomas Toivonen – “New Utopia”

In “Baldessari Sings LeWitt,” the artist remarks that he “think[s] these sentences have been hidden for too long … and perhaps by my singing them for you, it will bring these sentences to a much larger public.” How very resonant now that Finnish architect Tuomas Toivonen has decided to use electronic music as the basis for spreading his ideas on architectural theory. I think people often underestimate the educational power of music. His work, specifically this track “New Utopia”, seems appropriate following my previous post on the utopian work of Etienne Louis Boullée.

You can buy Tuomas Toivonen’s 12″, Urbanism in the House here.

(Source: Pejhy)