TRAPPN#89: Charles Anastase SS2011

by jssckr

Select images from Charles Anastase, RTW, Spring/Summer 2011

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I know LFW was like, two weeks ago, and this collection is old news, but I’ve been super busy and haven’t been able to  find the time to take a good look at stuff until today.

Charles Anastase’s collection stood out for me. I like his dresses, especially. They’re awkwardly oversized, ruthlessly childish, and undeniably conservative (whoa, adjectives). Still, those dresses are a bit see-through, and those shoes are just a bit too high for an innocent girl to wear. Is that conceptualism, I smell? You mean, you weren’t just influenced by photographs of glamorous women from the early 1960s and the feeling of “late spring” like all the other boring designers, Charles Anastase? I guess the Lolita concept is kind of played, but whatever, I dig it. Pedophilia has somehow become this incommunicado element of fashion, whereby it doesn’t matter that the models all look like 11-year-old girls (and some of them are like 15!), they’re totally okay to sexualize.

Sorry for the cynicism, but SS2011 is kind of disappointing.

Okay, but who really cares if it sucks anyway, BECAUSE PHOEBE PHILO’S BACK and she’s all we need!!!!!!