TRAPPN#94: Alex Fischer

by jssckr

Figure Head, digital image, 13680 x 13200 pixels, 2010

Fungus Philosopher, digital image, 1891 x 2174 pixels, 2010

Artists Retreat, digital image, 3536 x 3840 pixels, 2010

Teen Dream, digital image, 2352 x 2712 pixels, 2010

Monster Mash, digital image, 2362 x 2717 pixels, 2010

Bring Home The Bacon, digital image, 6000 x 4500 pixels, 2010

Cooks Cape, digital image, 25200 x 18000 pixels, 2010

Alex Fischer hails from Hanover, Ontario, but currently lives and works in Toronto.

I often unintentionally support Toronto artists, but what can I say? My hometown is pretty cool.

Fischer’s work is most intriguing for me because, while the images are digital, it still possesses painterly evocations. Also, there is something mystical about his settings that seem to relate to the idea of the computer as an important contemporary immaterial setting. YEAH?

(Source: pootee)