TRAPPN#99: Brand New

by jssckr

Brand New – “Mixtape”

Am I too old to form an emo (neo-emo?)/pop-punk band? Because, seriously. I know everyone likes to shit on the genre, but in retrospect, that scene had some fairly admirable elements; it was all about vulnerable dudes from New Jersey writing songs without masking what they were truly trying to say with metaphors or allusions. In fact, it was about dudes having emotions. What the fuck is wrong with that? Maybe I’m just the type of girl who likes the romance that surrounds emotional dudes. Writing emo music must be way better than therapy. It got Ben Gibbard through, anyway.

Best lyric from Brand New’s “Mixtape”: “I know that you’re a sucker for anything acoustic.” (meaning you don’t listen to hardcore… BURN)

Second best lyric from Brand New’s “Mixtape”: “I’ve got a 20 dollar bill that says no one’s ever seen you without makeup.” (meaning, you’re a fake AZ slut)

OUCH. You can’t deny that those lyrics would be completely paralyzing if they were about you.

PS. Brian once made me a mixtape with this as the first song… Not sure if I’m offended.

PPS. Speaking of Ben Gibbard… Remember when he stopped being depressed and then Death Cab started SUCKING HARD (after Transatlanticism)? I guess that’s a necessary element for making emo -deep-set depression.