TRAPPN#122: Cyprien Gaillard, “The Recovery of Discovery”

by jssckr

“Along the lines of gradual destruction of the sculpture, the alcohol gradually dispels and destroys both body and mind. The psychical hangover is also a architectural one, from which one has to recover.”

The Recovery of Discovery

Cyprien Gaillard solo exhibition @ KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

March 27 – May 22, 2011

A pristine monumental pyramid of cardboard boxes, filled with 72,000 ‘Efes’ beer bottles. A tactic for visceral destruction. A pointed critique of art culture by re-routing the gaze of relational aesthetics. The beers are intended to be drunk (no pun intended), contributing to the slow disappearance of the piece, which will be fully destroyed on its closing day, May 22.

According to the artist: “Preserving a monument goes hand in hand with destroying it. In order to preserve architecture, cultural monuments and relics, they are often re-located, thus abolishing the original context. The potential knock-on effects are urban displacement and the disappearance of the concepts of autonomous geography and archeology. The dislocation of a monument not only alters the history of its original location, but also leads to a radical re-interpretation of the monument itself.”

(from We Find Wildness)