TRAPPN#133: Jiro Bevis

by jssckr

Cerebral Ballzy Tour Tee

“I try to keep things as simple and close to how I have drawn since I was a kid drawing muscle men and footballers in note pads my Mum would buy me. The only real difference since then is that I don’t use lined paper to draw on and I scan my drawings into my computer to colour in if it needs colouring.”

The Ghost Frequency – Never Before Have I… 7″

Black Lips – Bad Kids 7″

Black Lips – Not A Problem/Dirty Hands 7″

Black Lips – Bad Kids 7″ (Unused)

Black Lips – Cold Hands 7″ (Unused)

Graffiti Island – Demonic Cat 7″

Kreeps – One More Fix EP

Cerebral Ballzy – The Griptape

Cheeky Cheeky & the Nosebleeds – You Let Me Go 7″

Cheeky Cheeky & the Nosebleeds Tour Tee

Bobmo – 4000% 12″

Photo of Jiro, himself.

The hand-drawn aesthetic has always won me over, especially when the content is influenced by psychedelia, overt drug culture, and that time in your childhood when you reach an age where life’s darkness starts to seep in and your imagination gets a bit freaky. It’s no wonder then that Jiro Bevis has developed a cult following in the underground community for his psycho illustrations; it’s not just bands who have jumped at the opportunity to commission him work, but fashion rags, advertisers, too. Although he’s based in the UK, there is something decidedly American about his prolific output–it’s like the conductor of the ‘Conjunction Junction’ from School House Rock jumped out of my TV and barfed on your face. Right?

Oh, and his initials are JB–need I say more?