TRAPPN#135: Celine Resort 2012

by jssckr


Yeah, it’s fairly evident that I’m not the only Celine fan on the planet. Everyone loves it, blah blah. Phoebe Philo has created somewhat of a cult following as the new-ish-ly appointed head designer of the french fashion house–my favourite recent Celine moment was when Kanye West wore one of her Spring 2011 blouses during his Coachella set. While the themes of this resort 2012 collection are not startling different from what has come before (boyishness, awkwardly long cuts… a general dishevelled-ness) there are allusions to things I’m obsessed with right now, namely really tacky gold and the late 1980s–Miami-chic. Who wants to buy me a pair of silk Celine Schnabel pyjamas for wearing to run to grab coffee? I know you do…