TRAPPN#140: Chris Marker’s subway photos

by jssckr

Images from Chris Marker’s series’ Quelle heure est-elle? (2004-2008) and Passengers (2004-2008), captured on the Paris subway with a hidden digital watch camera

I became enraptured with Walker Evans’ 1930s portfolio entitled Many Are Called recently, of which Chris Marker was no doubt influenced in the above series. I despise having my photo taken, and it strikes me that the unconsciousness of this method of capture is what I find so refreshing about both series. As Barthes so famously posited, the pose of a subject in a work of photography asserts conotation/meaning: “…it is the very pose of the subject that which prepares the reading of the signifieds of connotation…” In considering that [perhaps] these subjects are not posed, there is a projection of the self that falls upon the subject, an examination of temperament, of their predicament. They become ennobled through the documentative and framing nature of photography. Further, the capture embues them with vivacity, no matter their contemplative look.

An image from Walker Evans’ Many Are Called

SOURCE: WeFindWildness, Frankel Gallery