TRAPPN#141: Oliver Husain’s “Purified Promises”

by jssckr


Oliver HusainPurified Promises, 2009

To position Toronto-based Oliver Husain as strictly a filmmaker or artist would be  to diminish his multi-disciplinary output. Sure, his medium is primarily film, but within his films are settings that showcase his interest in materiality with a great number of props, from architecture to ephemera. He even once made hats! He has also lectured and taught all over the world!  Husain’s work seems to affirm that we are on the exciting precipice of a new art style, dealing with interactivity, repetition, screen-culture, and matters of lifestyle. 

From his website: “Dressing a dialogue between images and objecthood, I often begin with a portrait of a person or place, and use a wide range of cinematic languages and visual codes – like dance, puppetry, and animation – to disassemble and subvert fixed readings of the original material. Translating this into both cinema and gallery spaces, my installations, performances and films work as narrative set ups, charming or folding the viewers into questioning their role in the creation of meanings and feelings. I carefully try not to overpower the results with these initial notions, though.”

[SOURCE: Akimbo, Oliver Husain’s Portfolio]