TRAPPN#143: Joe Bradley

by jssckr

Images by Joe Bradley, Peres Projects

“I’ve always avoided the idea of having a job, and I never wanted to turn this into a job. I have no assistants. Sometimes I’ll have somebody come stretch canvases, but there’s no need for anyone here. I think it’s impossible for me to do anything when anyone’s around. It’s a lot of looking, really. I’m not a real dynamic painter. It’s not action painting. There’s a lot of just sitting and looking and thinking. Then, I’ll make a move every once and a while. You have to stalk the thing, you know?” –the artist, speaking with the Paris Review

Today is the kind of day where I both detest and adore Joe Bradley’s work. I wish I could afford to buy some and then maybe I could decide if I liked it. Apparently, he’s a big deal. 

“How Joe Bradley’s Prices Surged 1,100% in Five Years” from Bloomberg

“Studio Visit: Joe Bradley” from the Paris Review

SOURCE: Peres Projects