TRAPPN #168: Max Hammad

by jssckr

Name: Max Hammad

Age: 16 
Height: 5’8″
Occupation: I’d like to describe myself as an artist mostly working in photography.
Location: New Jersey, USA
Astrological sign: Scorpio

Favourite colour:
I feel like every colour has a time and place. Picking just one is very hard… If I had to stick to one colour to utilize in my work forever it would definitely be a bold pink. I often use it. Pink has a feminine reputation but I think if you examine it from an unbiased perspective, pink is a very good colour that doesn’t necessarily have to evoke femininity.
Favourite flower: Lotus flowers are by far my favourite.
Favourite sports team: I was never much for sports. Actually, I don’t really like them to be a little more frank.  
Favourite hero of history: Does Dali constitute a hero?
Chief characteristic: I’m extremely driven.
Last person you spoke with: A very good friend.
What you ate for breakfast: Nothing yet, just having some coffee to start.

Do you collect anything? I just recently started to collect cacti, buying one every chance I get. I absolutely love their company.
What is your favourite gallery in the world? I really enjoyed the MoMA.
What gallery would you most like to show in? I’ll second my previous answer.
What are you ultimate, untimely dreams?
I wouldn’t mind being world-renowned for my work in photography… some billboards… maybe a Manhattan penthouse… I’d like to be successful in what I love. Money is not too much of a concern but recognition is. 
What is your idea of great misery?
A great misery? Assuming this means what I think it means I suppose someone with makeup smeared down their faee, gazing out of their apartment window as rain pours down and tears etc. ensue. This is just the imagery that pops into my mind.
Do you live off of your work?
Not nearly. I’d say my work is where my money ends up. Buying new equipment and putting money into shoots occasionally has burned quite a hole in my wallet. 
How do you wish to die? In a way that will leave a good story to tell.
Image that you feel most accurately represents you:

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Photography by Max Hammad