TRAPPN #173: Eric Timothy Carlson

by jssckr

Name: Eric Carlson
Age: 1984
Height: 6’1″
Occupation: Art
Location: Brooklyn, NY.

Astrological sign: Leo
Favourite colour: immersing or many or sparse
Favourite flower: in abundance 
Favourite sports team: skateboard
Favourite hero of history: /b/
Chief characteristic: I am 
Last person you spoke with: me
What you ate for breakfast: coffee / orange

Do you collect anything? I am selective
What is your favourite gallery in the world? What gallery would you most like to show in?
What are you ultimate, untimely dreams? a healthy and productive routine
What is your idea of great misery? universal misery
Do you live off of your work? I am working all the time
How do you wish to die? Peace or Apocalypse 

Link to an image(s) from the internet that you feel most accurately represents you:


From his series “Bouquet.”