TRAPPN #177: Estelle Hanania for Nike

by jssckr

Name: HANANIA Estelle
Age: 31
Height: never high enough
Occupation: Photographer
Location: Paris, France
Astrological sign: cancer
Favourite colour: brown
Favourite flower: mimosa
Favourite sports team: none
Favourite hero of history: les héros inconnus
Chief characteristic: charisma, creativity and persuasion
Last person you spoke with: my twin sister Marion
What you ate for breakfast: almonds and tea

Do you collect anything? books, photos, drawings
What is your favourite gallery in the world? What gallery would you most like to show in? I keep that for myself, superstitious.
What are your ultimate, untimely dreams? you don’t share such a dream either
What is your idea of great misery? being blind
Do you live off of your work? Yes
How do you wish to die? old and surrounded
Link to an image from the internet that you feel most accurately represents you:


[Images: Estelle Hanania]