TRAPPN #178: Andrew Jeffrey Wright

by jssckr

Name: Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Age: Drunk
Height: 41 Years
Occupation: Artist
Location: Philadelphia

Astrological sign: Scorpio/Dog
URL: and
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite flower: The Rose
Favourite sports team: The Philadelphia Phillies
Favourite hero of history: Whoever frees the gays.
Chief characteristic: Skinny
Last person you spoke with: My sister Sue.
What you ate for breakfast: Granola and Rice Puffs With Unsweetened Soy Milk

Do you collect anything? Yes. Props and clothing to be used in performances and video and photographs.
What is your favourite gallery in the world? The Hole (Ed. Note: He’s in a fucked-up-awesome lookin’ show there RIGHT NOW, b. Also, I interviewed The Hole’s co-director Kathy Grayson a while ago. Read it.) 
What gallery would you most like to show in? The Whitney Museum Of American Art
What are you ultimate, untimely dreams? To be able to survive and be perfectly healthy eating mainly pizza and chocolate and have that some how eradicate cancer, AIDS and heart disease from the planet.
What is your idea of great misery? Watching animals suffer and die.
Do you live off of your work? Yes.
How do you wish to die? Wanting to die.

Link to an image from the internet that you feel most accurately represents you: